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Drush admin panel

Drush - Access the Drupal admin panel without the password

There have been countless times that after starting a Drupal project I have not had the access credentials at first sight either, because the password has been changing, because there is no wiki with the updated information or I have simply landed in a legacy project in which the documentation is non-existent.


What is the first thing we learn from all this ...

It is very important to have good documentation in your project, not only for you, but it will also help all current or future members that the project may have.


In short, we have reached this situation, WE DON'T HAVE THE PASSWORD :( No need to worry, drush arrives and his magnificent uli command.


Its use is very simple and we can see it below

drush uli


This command will return the following:



As you can see, it returns us a URL which we can click directly or copy in our browser and it will automatically access the administration panel without having entered the password.


It is possible that if you do not have the domain configured instead of showing your URL, the following will appear ...


In this case we will simply take the URL from default, being as follows ...


Now we will simply go to our browser and paste it AFTER our domain, in my case it would be as follows ..


Voilá! We already have Administrator access!


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Adrian Vazquez Peligero
Technical Product Owner and Senior Drupal Developer