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drupal 9

Essential module list vazcell
28 January 2023

When we start a Drupal project we find ourselves with an empty system, without the basic functionalities that we normally use.

Drupal error Translations and invalid arguments
20 May 2022

I get up in the morning, make myself an excellent coffee, install a module, and, BOOM! I can't believe it, we already started with an error that I don't even know what it's about...

Drush admin panel
09 January 2022
Did you forgot your password or you have started in a project but you didn't receive the admin password? No worries, in this tutorial you will see how simple it is using just a Drush command.
Tutorial config split
19 June 2021

If you have been working with Drupal for a while you realize that by default it has many deficiencies, luckily, these deficiencies can be solved thanks to the community contributed modules that extend this wonderful CMS, achieving practically the

Drupal 9 and composer patches
15 June 2021
Patches are temporary changes that we apply to a module, therefore, when the module is updated it is quite likely that this patch will no longer work, either because it has already been integrated into the module or because the files have changed, so is no longer possible to apply it.